Totally Wicked E-Liquid Red Label Beer Concentrate

January 2012 Red Label Beer

My sample of Red Label Beer concentrate arrived just in time for me to mix some up to enjoy during the big game!

Mega Tornado, dripping on a 510 LR atomizer.


Clear and colorless, thin in viscosity, appears water-like. The scent is a kick to the sinuses, a slightly overpowering aroma that is not very pleasant. It’s the smell of stale beer, with a sourness to it. Reminds me of waking up in a room full of half empty solo cups the morning after a keg party back in college, fond, somewhat blurry memories. I tell myself, “this is a concentrate, let’s hold off on judgment until after mixing this down some”

Mix 1:
After sampling the scent of the concentrate I decided to go against better judgment and go “all-in” with a higher concentration of 20% flavor concentration for my first mix, 12mg in nicotine strength, in a ratio of 60% PG 40% VG.

It’s sort of beer-like, but it has pronounced tartness similar to hard cider to it. The best way to describe the flavor would be a pint glass half filled with cider, half filled with a light pilsner. It was vapable, but I wasn’t enjoying it much.

Throat Hit:
I experience a strong throat hit to this flavor at this concentration, over time it becomes almost annoying.

Mix 2:
Okay, so a bad call on my part mixing it high for my first sample. For the second batch I’ll be using 10% flavor concentrate, 12mg in nicotine strength, in a ratio of 60% PG 40% VG.

There’s a very light pilsner flavor on the inhale, the flavor is detected more as I exhale and the scent lingers in my sinuses for a few seconds afterwards. There is a bit of an aftertaste of beer as well. The tartness I experienced at 20% is reduced significantly making the flavor more enjoyable for me.

Throat hit:
A mild amount of throat hit is experienced at this level of flavoring, it is felt more throughout the exhale.

Mix 3:

I did settle into a mix of 15% flavoring, which I found to be a good balance between the two mixes I had described above for my taste buds. This level brings out the flavor of beer much better than at 10%, it does bring back some of the tartness that was overstated at 20%.

Throat hit:
Good amount, detectable, but doesn’t get too harsh over time.

If you plan on giving this flavor a try I recommend experimenting with a few different levels of concentration to see what appeals to your tastes. This flavor has a similar taste to beer, it also shares the similarity that in moderation it can be quite enjoyable, but if you overindulge it can become somewhat unpleasant. I did quite enjoy playing mixologist with this one, cheers TW!

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Totally Wicked’s Tornado eGo-C

I was fortunate enough to be offered a chance by Totally Wicked to review the newest addition to the Joyetech lineup, the eGo-C. I immediately accepted and after a few days and a transatlantic flight (for the e-cig, not me) I had an eGo-C battery, 2 atomizer heads, a cone, atomizer base, USB charger, 3 pre-filled tank cartridges and a silicon mouthpiece cover in my hot little hands. My review sample was not in any sort of retail packaging and was not branded Totally Wicked instead it sported Joyetech markings.

The first noticeable difference between the Tornado-T batteries and the eGo-C batteries was the size. The eGo-C stands a few millimeters taller, yet contains a similarly rated battery. I checked the Joyetech website and found my answer, there is an additional level of protection worked into the C’s battery housing.

The battery section contains a 3.7 volt 650mAh lithium ion battery along with a microprocessor that uses pulse width modulation to maintain a steady simulated 3.3 volt output throughout the life of the battery charge. The PWM feature provides a consistent vaping experience in my opinion.

This battery does feature the five-click master on/off feature, which is great for preventing accidental firings. If the battery is operational and you press the button five times within two seconds the LED button light will flash rapidly, afterwards when you press the button the LED will not light up. This indicates the unit is in safe mode and will not activate the atomizer. When you are ready to use again, tap the button five times within two seconds, the light will again flash rapidly. Now, the LED should illuminate when the button is pressed indicating it is in the on mode, ready for vaping. The battery also has a ten second cutoff. The Joyetech website mentioned a new feature, a color changing battery button light to indicate charge level, this battery did not have it.

Recharging is the same as any ego battery. Simply screw the battery onto the USB chargers connector and connect the charger to a USB power supply or use a wall adaptor. When connected, the LED on the eGo-C will flash and the light on the charger will turn red if the battery can take a charge. When the charger senses a fully charged battery the light on the charger will turn to green. Took about an hour and a half to fully charge a fully drained battery.

The atomizer assembly consists of three main parts. The first I would like to mention is the atomizer base. The bottom of the base contains a connector to screw the atomizer onto the battery, as well as, two small notches to provide airflow into the atomizer. On top there is a small ridge cut out in which the atomizer nestles into, under that there’s a center pin that is electrically isolated that not only, allows air into the atomizer head, but also the positive current for the atomizer head coil. The rest of the atomizer base provides the ground. At the tip of this center-post are slots for airflow. When the unit is fully assembled these slots allow for air to be re-circulated in an inner chamber created in the space between the center-post and the inner walls in the base, underneath the atomizer head, and then drawn into the atomizer head. The outer edge of the atomizer base is threaded to attach the cone.

The atomizer head is the part where the magic takes place, not exactly magic, but this is where e-liquid meets heat as well as airflow to produce vapor. I am familiar with the eGo-T, so I was familiar with the spike at the top that pierces the tank cartridge and allows liquid to feed the 2.2ohm-heating coil inside of the head. At the bottom there is an isolated center terminal with a hole for airflow that meets up with the center-post of the atomizer base. When an atomizer stops working or begins to under-perform I don’t have to replace the whole assembly, only this smaller inner part. It makes for much less waste and I like that. They are going to be sold in blister pack strips of five, if I cut off a section of one it makes it easy to carry around a spare in my wallet.

One difference between the cone on the C and the original Tornado cone, besides the larger size, is that there is a press-fit washer inside about halfway down. The washer is there to hold the atomizer head in place when fully assembled. The bottom is threaded to mate with the base. I place the atomizer head onto the base, slide the cone over the head and screw the cone to the base, now the atomizer assembly is ready to go.

Cartridge filling was very simple; with one tiny exception, it is a little tough to get the cap off of the cartridge to fill the first time. The cartridge takes around 1 ml of liquid. I love not having to fiddle around with syringes or tweezers or cartridge filler or any other gear. I would not recommend it, I’ve refilled tank cartridges in the car at red lights. Some of the red lights are pretty long here in Florida. However long it usually takes me to vape 1 ml, that’s about how long a cartridge will last. I have been vaping pretty heavily and going through a full cartridge in about two and a half to three hours, I’ve been refilling 4 to 5 times a day. A lighter vaper would go through less. I am happy to report that the cartridges that I used for the Tornado-T will work with this device, because I still have a bunch.

Now that I’ve gone over the basics of the eGo-C and have the device assembled and ready to vape, I must mention this is one fantastic looking electronic cigarette. Matte black divided by the chrome center ring looks classy. The device has a sophisticated look, like futuristic mini-cigar. The weight is near evenly distributed so its balances quite comfortably the way I like to hold it, index and middle fingers on top ring and pinky on the bottom, and my thumb near the button. The finish has a slight grip to it without feeling rubbery, sort of like ceramic coating, feels like it won’t slide through my fingers. The finish is by no means bulletproof. I did notice a tiny scratch in the cone after about ten days use. The placement suggests that it was the result of the device falling over on my desk, but it could be from carrying it around in my pocket.

There is a bit of branding on the device that does take a little away from the overall presentation. Joyetech and eGo-C are silk screened on the battery as well as the atomizer cone, I would have preferred if they chose one or the other. I would rather see it eliminated from the cone and laser etched onto the atomizer base instead. It could be a happy accident, but the logos, button, and airflow notches all seemed to be well aligned when the device is new. This gives a neat appearance, but leads to one small gripe with the device. I would have liked to see the airflow holes perpendicular to the battery button. The way they are positioned now I sometimes wind up blocking them with my index finger or thumb. There are additional laser etched symbols on the batteries chrome band, one reminding to dispose of properly, and CE which represents a consumer electronics standard in Europe. The atomizer base is also etched changeable. The Joyetech logo is scribed into the tip of the device, I do like that, and look forward to Mr. Wicked taking his rightful place in that spot on the TW version.

The vapor production, flavor, and throat hit, does have as much to do with the e-liquid I choose to use with the device as the device itself. The supplied pre-filled cartridges contained a tobacco flavor, which when used with the Tornado eGo-C, provided good amounts of dense vapor, and a noticeable but not overpowering throat hit at all three strengths provided with very slight increases according to nicotine level. The flavor was pleasant but not one of my all time favorites, the taste of sweetened black walnut and almonds is the best way I can describe it.

I used a more familiar mix of fifty percent propylene glycol, fifty percent vegetable glycerin, twelve-milligram nicotine strength e-liquid, flavored fifteen percent with TW Red Label Pear concentrate. The vapor production did increase and did seem much more lush, throat hit was moderate, and the vapor had a very crisp pear flavor. It was what I was expecting from this liquid. Changing between flavors was not a big issue, the prior cycled out pretty fast.

The performance has been very consistent; I haven’t run into any of the dry spots like I did on occasion with the Tornado-T. I did not experience any leaking with this setup, but I do want to mention that when I separated the battery and atomizer for charging, there was a drop of liquid on the battery connector on a few occasions. I would use caution if using the C with an automatic battery. Airflow has a fair amount of resistance to it, more than a 510 atomizer, but the draw feels much smoother with the C. There is a double circulation effect created in the space between the atomizer head and base. There was an audible crackle, when the atomizer head was first used, which quickly settled down over the course of a couple of hours to a faint rumbling sound when activated. Normally, when drawing on the device I can hear a slight hiss for the airflow; however, on a few occasions it whistled, but was easily remedied by loosening and retightening the connection between the battery and the atomizer.

I notice the battery flash signaling time to recharge after around four to five hours of fairly heavy use, usually somewhere into vaping my third filled cartridge. I had tried the eGo-C atomizer with a Tornado-T battery and experienced similar results.

I’d like to thank the crew at TW for the opportunity, I am twelve days into my test spin of the Tornado eGo-C, and the atomizer head it is showing some signs of slowing down. I would rate it performing at a level of at least seventy-five percent of how it vaped the first day. I have been very impressed with the overall experience. The eGo-C is simple enough to use, and could quite possibly provide one of the best first impressions of vaping to a new user, that it would be a great device for me to recommend to friends and family who are considering giving vaping a try.

It provides a balance between form and function that veteran vapers may appreciate as much as I did.

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Totally Wicked E-Liquid Red Label Apple Concentrate

October 2011 Red Label Apple Concentrate

Today’s review will be Totally Wicked’s Red Label Apple Concentrate, it certainly is the right time of year for it. Quite a few of my friends have recently been posting pictures and stories of apple picking in Upstate New York.

Mega Tornado with a freshly opened 2.4-2.6 ohm xl clearomizer.


A totally clear, thin liquid, very similar to water in appearance, this liquid has the distinct aroma of an uncapped bottle of apple juice.

The Mix:
I guessed that apple would be a subtle flavor so I initially started with a mix of 15 % flavor, 12mg in nicotine strength, in a ratio of 60% PG 40% VG. I found it a little strong for my liking so settled in on the 10% flavor concentration I had used on prior Red Label mixes.

Definitely taste the apple! It’s a half and half combination of sweet red apple and tart green apple. It’s not a natural apple flavor it’s more on the candy side. The flavor has a bold apple punch to it; however, I taste a very slight perfumey edge to it that’s a little distracting. Overall, I like it.

Throat Hit:
As I mentioned when describing the flavor, there is a slight edge to it. I think it helps to give this apple flavor a tiny bit of harshness and provides a good amount of throat hit.

There were a few apple flavor liquids I’ve tried in the past I found subtle and bland, so I wasn’t expecting much; however, I was delightfully surprised. Red Label Apple is a flavor I will be revisiting in the future.

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Totally Wicked E-Liquid Red Label Amaretto concentrate

September 2011 Red Label Amaretto

Today will be my first review of Totally Wicked E-Liquid’s new Red Label flavor concentrates. The flavor being reviewed is Amaretto.

For this flavor I’m going to be using Mega Tornado with a freshly opened 2.4-2.6 ohm xl clearomizer.

It arrived in a brightly colored box sporting green purple and red stripes. I like the packaging, bright and cheerful. I removed the bottle and the first two things I noticed, besides the matching striped label, was that this flavoring was packaged with a childproof cap along with a raised triangle warning sticker. The label does cover the bottle pretty much from top to bottom so I predict having to tilt the bottle on its side to tell how much concentrate is left. The label stated approximately 5ml. Out of curiosity I checked with 2 3ml syringes, sure enough the first was full to the 3ml mark the second to the 2ml point.
Liquid was clear in color, clear in opacity, very thin in viscosity, and upon opening I’m greeted with the fantastic, sweet almond, aroma. I read somewhere once that scent can invoke memories, immediately I’m taken back to sunny, summer days at Flint Park, Larchmont, NY. I can remember racing the other kids to the ice cream truck for one of my favorites, the Good Humor Toasted Almond ice cream bar. I am aware that scent and taste are two entirely different senses; however, that is what immediately came to mind.

The First Mix:
I mixed up my first batch at 10% flavor, 12mg in nicotine strength. Because of the initial impression created by the scent, I decided to go with a 40& PG 60% VG mix as opposed to my usual 60% PG 40% VG ratio. I wanted a much denser, thicker vape to go along with the flavor I was anticipating.

The flavor was nothing like what I was expecting from the scent of the concentrate. If I had been expecting a re-creation of actual Amaretto di Saronno liqueur I would have been better prepared for the taste of the vapor. I picked up more of an alcohol taste than the sweet nutty taste I was anticipating. I should have anticipated they are going for the flavor of the liqueur. I do get a hint of a light sweet-almond flavor, but the taste of alcohol is overpowering. It left behind a slight lingering aftertaste similar to the Anbesol I used long ago for an impacted wisdom tooth.

The Second Mix:
I figured I better try cutting the flavor concentration in half and see how it goes, sometimes less is more. The flavor of the alcohol is reduced and is not so overpowering, the aftertaste is not as long lasting; however, the pleasant almond notes are just about undetectable.

Throat Hit:
I wouldn’t call it a throat hit there was a light sensation, similar to what would be felt when taking a drink of the libation of the same name, on the inhale. Upon exhaling, the feeling was more pronounced on the tongue and insides of my cheeks, and was felt in the sinuses for quite a few seconds after.

A level of ten percent flavoring did yield the best result for my taste buds. The flavor was too heavily weighted towards alcohol, and it’s not one I can see myself using often. To be fair I have tried other Amaretto flavors in the past and have not yet found one I was overly fond of.

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September 2011 Red Label Angelica

September 2011 Red Label Angelica

My second sample of Totally Wicked E-Liquid’s new Red Label flavor concentrates arrived not too long ago. I’ve spent a fair amount of time with Angelica, the flavor, time to do some reviewing!

Mega Tornado with a freshly opened 2.4-2.6 ohm xl clearomizer.

Liquid has a very slight yellow tint to it in color, is practically transparent, and very thin in viscosity. When I remove the cap to get an idea of how this concentrate smells, I notice a very mild aroma similar in smell to passing a display of fresh grown herbs. I can liken it to a milder version of the scent I’d experience passing through the garden section of Lowe’s or Home Depot, it’s pleasant.

The mix:
I started out with a mix 10% flavor, 12mg in nicotine strength, in a ratio of 60% PG 40% VG. I was quite happy with the results, that is how I’ve been vaping it ever since.

I was really taken back by the first couple of vapes, it was very similar to celery, or scallions, or something of the like. It was very foreign, vaping something that tasted similar to celery. I did not find it a weak flavor, it was more of a neutral flavor, Angelica had sort of a green leaf-y kind of herb-y taste. The more I vaped, the more I tasted other aspects to this flavor than just celery. I can’t quite put a finger on the other flavors, but there were tastes of other herbs at play there.

Throat Hit:
Surprising, for a neutral flavor I did get a good amount of throat hit, I felt it more when I breathed out, what was left behind was a lingering scent of an herb garden in my sinuses.

I see Angelica not as a standout flavor, but I can see it as one for having in my collection for when the mood strikes me for something mellow and relaxing. It’s a subtle fresh herb flavor.

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The Bombshell from Hotvapes

Ladies and gentlemen, dereck72 here. Today I’d like to speak a bit about a device I purchased a while back from, a vendor out of Chicago who happens to also be a supporter of casaa and nvc…here it is…the Bombshell.
The Bombshell is basically an e-cig mod, if you’re unfamiliar with the term mod, you have the standard cigarette style batteries such as 901, 510, kr808d-1, m401, etc., for some folks they work fine; however, if you’re a heavy vaper or just want to go longer between recharges and have a more fulfilling overall experience you may want to give something like this a try.

The Bombshell is a very straightforward clean looking design; it’s made from solid aluminum and has a recessed brass button. It comes in four colors True Black, Motobyke Silver, Purple Haze and Analogue Blue.

Depending on whether you want to vape at 3.7 or 6 volts, it’s designed to take either one 18650 or two rcr123 batteries. The threads that connect the two halves are cut pretty thick and the top and bottom connect effortlessly, I get no grinds, squeaks, or sticking.

At the bottom of the Bombshell there’s a small vent hole. Batteries do sometimes fail, if ever a battery should vent the hole is there to allow gases to escape the device.
The connector is the popular 510, which is the same threading as the 306. This newest run has a sealed connector. This particular Bombshell is part of that second run, I did have one from the first edition and ran into some trouble where it wasn’t firing right, I returned the top half and was sent a full replacement. It was nice to see Tim at Hotvapes stands behind his product.
I’ve been using this one in my rotation for the past two months and haven’t had any problems to date.
Also worth noting is that there is minimal if any rattling of batteries like there was in the first run. I think that’s because of an improvement in the spring being used inside the tube.

This device does have some heft to it, without it being too heavy. With the battery it’s around the same weight as a 5.5 ounce can of cat food, maybe slightly heavier. It’s about 4” tall and 1” in diameter, to some the width might be a little off-putting, but I have larger hands and the bombshell fits quite comfortably also it looks pretty badass.
It’s very stable when I put it down somewhere. When I place it on my desk while working on the computer, I never have to do a double take to make sure it’s not falling over.

It has a lighter draw than most of the 510 style devices I’ve used. If you take a close look you can see there’s a small gap between the mod and the atomizer at the connector. Not enough to fit a credit card, but definitely enough to fit a business card. It provides a more effortless draw; to me it feels more like puffing on a pipe, which is nice and relaxing, as opposed to drawing on a cigarette. The button is recessed, doesn’t dig into my thumb and is very comfortable to use, but there is no cutoff or master on/off so I would disconnect the atomizer before putting in my pocket or a bag. It’s a smaller button and does not seem to be the sturdiest of choices, however, it does give a comfortable amount of resistance and a positive click when activated.

The battery life is pretty phenomenal; I prefer using an 18650 battery with a low resistance 510. Using a 2400 mAh 18650 lithium ion I get about a day and a half to two days of vaping, which would be using about 7-8mls at the least 9-10mls at most. I do notice a drop in performance on the second day, even though there’s still charge left to the battery I will throw it back on the charger. I do prefer to use a lithium manganese high drain 1500 mAh 18650, I get near to or a full day on a charge, which would be about 4-5mls vaped but it’s a much more consistent performing battery.

Currently the bombshell on its own is selling on the site for 64 dollars.
If you don’t currently use any mods and don’t have the batteries or a charger, there’s a kit available you can get the Bombshell (in the color of your choice), an 18650 2400 mAh Li-ion protected battery, a dual-battery wall charger, a collectible box, one atomizer of your choice, the 510 in 2.2 or 3 ohm or the 306 in 1.5 or 2.0ohm, plus drip tip.
The kit goes for 99 bucks, which makes it an awesome deal to get started if it’s going to be a first mod purchase.

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DripShield by

I got my dripshield today, quite happy with it. It’s designed originally for the 901 to prevent the liquid that leaks out the side-hole on that atty from getting all over the place…If you want to use it on a 510 the shield has to go over the connection between the battery and atomizer (otherwise it’s purely ornamental).
There are 2 o-rings on the inside, one at the top and one at bottom, to keep excess juice between the atty and the shield (and more importantly…off your fingers :P)and two holes at the top (closest to the drip-tip) between the o-rings for airflow.
On the Tornado the atty connection on the battery is raised, so it’s not an issue. On a mod; however, if the connection is set flat with the top, you will have to use a 510-510 adapter…it works great that way as well.

So, here’s how it looks:
On a Tornado:

I used a 510 modder’s connector from AvidVaper (remove the nut and it’s a 510-510 adapter):

On a Black Silver Bullet:

I went with a two-tone anodized finish, looks slick, and the draw is very similar the tornado with the cone on…what is most important, I haven’t had any liquid running down the sides of my mods, I haven’t had any liquid on my fingers 🙂


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