Totally Wicked Decadent Vapours Absinthe

April 2010 Decadent Vapours Absinthe 18mg

I’m really liking the change to the new clear dropper bottles; it makes my life much easier.  I wasn’t paying much attention when I first received my samples; kind of put it aside to focus on the first review.  Oh no! It’s not the signature bright, almost eerie, green of the real deal, I was disappointed in that.  It was actually a pale blue with a slight opacity to it.

The aroma of this juice, immediately upon opening I am greeted by the familiar scent of Romano Black Sambuca, reminiscent of summer evenings in Little Italy where we sometimes started our nights out.  I’d order a double espresso, Black Sambuca and slice of lemon rind on the side.

The consistency of the liquid seems to be in the thinner range in viscosity.

So how does it vape?

Its got a very original flavor to it it’s an herbal blend extremely complex, the flavor of aniseed and wormwood are the most notable.  I have tried this flavor before at higher voltage, today I am vaping on the low resistance atomizer and it really brings out the flavor of the aniseed similar to the HV experience.  I’m also getting a sort hint of mentholyptus, as opposed to vaping on a standard atty at 3.7 volts. On the regular atty it is much more realistic, but I like how certain flavors are emphasized when its run a little hotter.

The flavor is very similar to the scent; if you are not familiar with Black Sambuca at all the closet thing I can liken it to is one of those Ricola herbal cough drops.

As for the vapor, it is an all PG mix, but it does produce respectable amounts on the regular 510 atomizer.  On the low resistance atty it’s more impressive, I have to take longer drags on the LR atty than normal to accomplish that though.

I did not get much of a throat hit on the standard atty, on the low resistance I get more of a menthol type coolness to it, not a peppery hit.

To sum it up Decadent Vapours Absinthe is a flavorful, interesting vape to venture on occasion. Not exactly a staple juice, but one that’s enjoyable from time to time.

*Sample provided by Totally Wicked E-liquid in a 5ml plastic dropper bottle (color may vary to factory sealed glass bottle)

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