Totally Wicked Decadent Vapours Black Forest Gateau

May 2010 Decadent Vapours Black Forest Gateau 18mg

Time to pack my bags and head off to the mountains of Bavaria!  Just kidding, Decadent Vapours Black Forest Gateau is about as close as I plan on getting to there, at least for the coming months.

My particular sample is a rich golden color and medium on opacity.  The trusty “eyeball test”, the consistency appears medium to thin.  For this review, I’ll be using The Screwdriver and a standard 510 atomizer.

The juice has a two-fold, sweet aroma.  Similar to the cherry you would get from fresh baked cherry muffins coupled with a trace of chocolate cake.

It’s a tasty blend of rich baker’s chocolate, along with the sweetness and flavor of a dried black cherry.  The vapor also has a creamy element as well; it blends the flavors and gives the overall taste added depth.  All the ingredients come together brilliantly and give me a wonderful, complex flavor.  I did try this juice on a low resistance atomizer and it began to take on more of an alcohol taste.  I prefer this flavor much more on the standard 510 atomizer at 3.7v.

As far as throat hit, it was mild to near medium at most. For a juice as flavorful as this one “reckless” is not really welcome.  Enough to let me know I was vaping something yet not enough to distract from the flavor is more like it.  This particular vape is more enjoyable that way.

The vapor production on this juice was slightly above average and an amount I was satisfied with.  Not knock your socks off vapor, but not wimpy by any means.

Decadent Vapours Black Forest Gateau is fantastic after dinner vape.  Seems to be made for it, which is great I can now skip a few desserts.  Being as how my sample is almost all gone, I will be ordering this as a concentrate in the near future.

*Sample provided by Totally Wicked E-liquid in a 5ml plastic dropper bottle (color may vary to factory sealed glass bottle)

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