Totally Wicked Decadent Vapours Tequila

May 2010 Decadent Vapours Tequila 18mg

The color of my sample is faint yellow, very light on the opacity scale.  The consistency is pretty thin; it would probably work great with any cart filler.  Today, I’m vaping on the Tornado equipped with a low resistance atomizer.

The scent of the liquid is faint; however, it is extremely convincing of tequila, definitely alcohol with a sweet, citrus-like hints to it.

In my younger days I’ll have to admit I was a bit of a wild man.  My first choice was always beer, but when it was time to step things up tequila was always my weapon of choice.  This one should be fun!

The flavor is pretty subtle on inhale, its there, but its very subtle.  When you draw the vapor into your lungs and exhale, that’s when the magic happens.  Tequila is derived from the agave plant so it has a distinct flavor to it.  This one has a sweet, muskiness to it along with the flavor you’d get from the zest of a lemon.  I enjoy letting this vapor pass through the sinuses on the way out and it leaves behind the flavor and sensation of sipping on smooth tequila, an amazing experience.  It has a refreshing, clean aftertaste to it as well.  Although I do notice it leaves my mouth dry after vaping, so keep some water handy.

It has a throat hit all its own, as a matter of fact I would reconsider calling it a “hit” its more like a pleasant feeling you’d get consuming the real deal.  It’s there, like a tingle, and you feel it throughout your sinuses as well on exhale.

The vapor production is moderate but adequate.  I don’t think I’d want the flavor altered by mixing with VG.  If I want plumes of vapor, Tequila is a definite candidate for me giving the PEG400 a go; however, I’m quite happy with it the way it is.

Tequila from Decadent Vapours would a have probably been a flavor I’d have overlooked.  I’m thankful for the panel selecting this one; it would have been a shame to miss out on.  Tequila is suited for a great once-in-a-while-relaxing vape.

*Sample provided by Totally Wicked E-liquid in a 5ml plastic dropper bottle (color may vary to factory sealed glass bottle)

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