Totally Wicked Patriot Range Parisian Vanilla

May 2010 Patriot Range Parisian Vanilla 18mg

The color of my sample is a neutral, pale, gold with medium to light opacity.  As far as viscosity I’m guessing they have a higher ratio of glycerin as opposed to the TW Red Label.  A nice amount of glycerin yet still does wick well when using carts; however, for this review I’ll be dripping using a 510 low resistance atomizer and Tornado battery.

The vanilla essence of this juice is a little better than faint in intensity; it’s a charming fragrance.

Let’s have a vape.

The first vape was a shocker; I was expecting a sweet rich vanilla.  What I got was pronounced woody, leathery notes that really took me back.  Vivid childhood memories jumped in at that point.  I was a child in the 70’s, for a couple of consecutive years; dad received a bottle of English Leather cologne for Christmas from yours truly.  That’s the closest thing I can liken my initial impression of this flavor to.  I was pretty certain I received a correct sample by the initial aroma of the liquid, so I continued on.

After that initial surprise wore off, I began to pick up on the vanilla flavoring.  It’s inconspicuous and similar to the “French Vanilla” used in flavored coffee creamers.  I think if the roles were reversed and the “French Vanilla” was brought to the forefront and the woody, leathery notes were scaled down this might be up there in my list of favs; however, that’s a what if.

The throat hit is more than respectable for 18mg; it has a harsh, almost perfume-like quality to it though.  The vapor production is right up there with the others in the Patriot Range, which always makes me smile.

Parisian Vanilla, has a Vanilla somewhere in there; however, I had to do a little more searching then I would have liked to taste it.

*Sample provided by Totally Wicked E-liquid in a 5ml plastic dropper bottle (color may vary to factory sealed glass bottle)

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