Totally Wicked Decadent Vapours Extra Stout

June 2010 Decadent Vapours Extra Stout 18mg

The name alone had me buzzing, when I first heard of Extra Stout a few months back I couldn’t wait to give it try.

The color of my sample is somewhat beige, a little on the darker side on the opacity scale. My trusty Mega Tornado, along with an LR atty, is all charged up and as anxious to review as its owner.

Ok, this one has a very odd smell I can’t quite put by finger on it. The closest I can come up with is a much sweeter version of the grease left behind when cooking bacon.

Nice to find out it doesn’t vape at all like the way I described the aroma! The flavor has more of a honey-like sweetness to it than what I’m used to in the stouts I’ve grown to love over the years. Don’t get me wrong it does have the flavor of stout to it, I get it more on the aftertaste, just a little sweeter than what I’m used to. The flavor isn’t exactly spot on to what I’m accustomed to; however, it’s close enough to bring back great memories of being at the Pub with friends.

There’s not much of a throat hit to this one, it doesn’t really need much it’s very flavorful and it goes down smooth like the real deal.

I’m taken back a bit on the vapor production, its surprisingly impressive.

Decadent Vapors Extra Stout is a great flavor for someone who vapes tobaccos all the time and wants to begin exploring other flavors, it’s a good one to start out on. I can vape this one all day, and do on a regular basis.

*Sample provided by Totally Wicked E-liquid in a 5ml plastic dropper bottle (color may vary to factory sealed glass bottle)

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