Totally Wicked Patriot Range Double Apple Shisha

October 2010 Patriot Range Double Apple Shisha 18mg

What is Shisha? I wasn’t familiar myself when this flavor was released, so I had to look it up. I learned it’s the term used for the tobacco that is used in the process of smoking Hookah, the tobacco is soaked in fruit shavings such as apples, grapes, strawberries, etc.

Mega Tornado combined with a 510 low resistance atomizer.

An orangey-pink in color and middle of the road in viscosity best describes the appearance of my sample. Comparing it to the smell of warm apple cider is the best way I can describe the smell of the liquid.

When I first read the name “Double Apple” I thought this was going to be an overly fruity vape, I was wrong. It has a mild tobacco base coupled with the flavor of apple cider. I detect a hint of spice that enhances this flavor. The one spice that seems to stand out is cinnamon. It’s a well-balanced flavor and works well for all day vaping. The apple flavor came through a little more on the low resistance atomizer compared to the standard 510.

Throat hit:
I am guessing that the combination of tobacco and spice is what accounts for the impressive throat hit I experience in an e-liquid at 18mg strength.

Double Apple Shisha is an exotic, complex blend of tobacco, fruit, and spice that equates to one tasty vape! I would highly recommend Double Apple Shisha, I like this one as an alternative to tobacco flavors for all day vaping.

*Sample provided by Totally Wicked E-liquid in a 5ml plastic dropper bottle (color may vary to factory sealed glass bottle)

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