Totally Wicked Decadent Vapours Candy Floss

October 2010 Decadent Vapours Candy Floss 18mg

Today I’ll be reviewing Decadent Vapours Candy Floss on the Mega Tornado with a standard Titan 510 atomizer.

This sample of e-liquid is a deep shade of red. I have a little trouble seeing through it; however, it’s not cloudy at all, it’s more like looking through a red lens.
Some say that scent is the most powerful of the senses. In this case the scent of this liquid immediately invokes childhood memories of trips to the local amusement park as well as trips to the circus on occasion. The liquid has a thin consistency, for this review I’ll be direct dripping.

A light, sweet, tasting vapor, the vapor almost has a feel of fluffiness to it. When I exhale and it hits my sinuses, I’m constantly reminded of those fond memories. I recall standing on my tippy toes, face almost pressed up against the glass, watching alongside all the other kids and being amazed as the vendor spun this stuff that seemed to come from nowhere onto a long paper cone. Candy Floss is very close to what the name says. It did have a slight hint of artificial sweetener to it, not enough that it loses any points.

Throat Hit:
For such a sweet flavored liquid, I would say the throat hit was moderate. It was not harsh at all, just enough I could feel it slightly.

Vapor Production:
Candy Floss translates from liquid to vapor effortlessly in the atomizer, and makes a very good amount of it.

Decadent Vapours Candy Floss is a flavor I could enjoy from time to time; it’s a light uncomplicated flavor. I might also try using this flavor to enhance others, if I thought they could use some added sweetness.

*Sample provided by Totally Wicked E-liquid in a 5ml plastic dropper bottle (color may vary to factory sealed glass bottle)

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