DripShield by EmpireMods.com

I got my dripshield today, quite happy with it. It’s designed originally for the 901 to prevent the liquid that leaks out the side-hole on that atty from getting all over the place…If you want to use it on a 510 the shield has to go over the connection between the battery and atomizer (otherwise it’s purely ornamental).
There are 2 o-rings on the inside, one at the top and one at bottom, to keep excess juice between the atty and the shield (and more importantly…off your fingers :P)and two holes at the top (closest to the drip-tip) between the o-rings for airflow.
On the Tornado the atty connection on the battery is raised, so it’s not an issue. On a mod; however, if the connection is set flat with the top, you will have to use a 510-510 adapter…it works great that way as well.

So, here’s how it looks:
On a Tornado:

I used a 510 modder’s connector from AvidVaper (remove the nut and it’s a 510-510 adapter):

On a Black Silver Bullet:

I went with a two-tone anodized finish, looks slick, and the draw is very similar the tornado with the cone on…what is most important, I haven’t had any liquid running down the sides of my mods, I haven’t had any liquid on my fingers 🙂


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