The Bombshell from Hotvapes

Ladies and gentlemen, dereck72 here. Today I’d like to speak a bit about a device I purchased a while back from, a vendor out of Chicago who happens to also be a supporter of casaa and nvc…here it is…the Bombshell.
The Bombshell is basically an e-cig mod, if you’re unfamiliar with the term mod, you have the standard cigarette style batteries such as 901, 510, kr808d-1, m401, etc., for some folks they work fine; however, if you’re a heavy vaper or just want to go longer between recharges and have a more fulfilling overall experience you may want to give something like this a try.

The Bombshell is a very straightforward clean looking design; it’s made from solid aluminum and has a recessed brass button. It comes in four colors True Black, Motobyke Silver, Purple Haze and Analogue Blue.

Depending on whether you want to vape at 3.7 or 6 volts, it’s designed to take either one 18650 or two rcr123 batteries. The threads that connect the two halves are cut pretty thick and the top and bottom connect effortlessly, I get no grinds, squeaks, or sticking.

At the bottom of the Bombshell there’s a small vent hole. Batteries do sometimes fail, if ever a battery should vent the hole is there to allow gases to escape the device.
The connector is the popular 510, which is the same threading as the 306. This newest run has a sealed connector. This particular Bombshell is part of that second run, I did have one from the first edition and ran into some trouble where it wasn’t firing right, I returned the top half and was sent a full replacement. It was nice to see Tim at Hotvapes stands behind his product.
I’ve been using this one in my rotation for the past two months and haven’t had any problems to date.
Also worth noting is that there is minimal if any rattling of batteries like there was in the first run. I think that’s because of an improvement in the spring being used inside the tube.

This device does have some heft to it, without it being too heavy. With the battery it’s around the same weight as a 5.5 ounce can of cat food, maybe slightly heavier. It’s about 4” tall and 1” in diameter, to some the width might be a little off-putting, but I have larger hands and the bombshell fits quite comfortably also it looks pretty badass.
It’s very stable when I put it down somewhere. When I place it on my desk while working on the computer, I never have to do a double take to make sure it’s not falling over.

It has a lighter draw than most of the 510 style devices I’ve used. If you take a close look you can see there’s a small gap between the mod and the atomizer at the connector. Not enough to fit a credit card, but definitely enough to fit a business card. It provides a more effortless draw; to me it feels more like puffing on a pipe, which is nice and relaxing, as opposed to drawing on a cigarette. The button is recessed, doesn’t dig into my thumb and is very comfortable to use, but there is no cutoff or master on/off so I would disconnect the atomizer before putting in my pocket or a bag. It’s a smaller button and does not seem to be the sturdiest of choices, however, it does give a comfortable amount of resistance and a positive click when activated.

The battery life is pretty phenomenal; I prefer using an 18650 battery with a low resistance 510. Using a 2400 mAh 18650 lithium ion I get about a day and a half to two days of vaping, which would be using about 7-8mls at the least 9-10mls at most. I do notice a drop in performance on the second day, even though there’s still charge left to the battery I will throw it back on the charger. I do prefer to use a lithium manganese high drain 1500 mAh 18650, I get near to or a full day on a charge, which would be about 4-5mls vaped but it’s a much more consistent performing battery.

Currently the bombshell on its own is selling on the site for 64 dollars.
If you don’t currently use any mods and don’t have the batteries or a charger, there’s a kit available you can get the Bombshell (in the color of your choice), an 18650 2400 mAh Li-ion protected battery, a dual-battery wall charger, a collectible box, one atomizer of your choice, the 510 in 2.2 or 3 ohm or the 306 in 1.5 or 2.0ohm, plus drip tip.
The kit goes for 99 bucks, which makes it an awesome deal to get started if it’s going to be a first mod purchase.

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