September 2011 Red Label Angelica

September 2011 Red Label Angelica

My second sample of Totally Wicked E-Liquid’s new Red Label flavor concentrates arrived not too long ago. I’ve spent a fair amount of time with Angelica, the flavor, time to do some reviewing!

Mega Tornado with a freshly opened 2.4-2.6 ohm xl clearomizer.

Liquid has a very slight yellow tint to it in color, is practically transparent, and very thin in viscosity. When I remove the cap to get an idea of how this concentrate smells, I notice a very mild aroma similar in smell to passing a display of fresh grown herbs. I can liken it to a milder version of the scent I’d experience passing through the garden section of Lowe’s or Home Depot, it’s pleasant.

The mix:
I started out with a mix 10% flavor, 12mg in nicotine strength, in a ratio of 60% PG 40% VG. I was quite happy with the results, that is how I’ve been vaping it ever since.

I was really taken back by the first couple of vapes, it was very similar to celery, or scallions, or something of the like. It was very foreign, vaping something that tasted similar to celery. I did not find it a weak flavor, it was more of a neutral flavor, Angelica had sort of a green leaf-y kind of herb-y taste. The more I vaped, the more I tasted other aspects to this flavor than just celery. I can’t quite put a finger on the other flavors, but there were tastes of other herbs at play there.

Throat Hit:
Surprising, for a neutral flavor I did get a good amount of throat hit, I felt it more when I breathed out, what was left behind was a lingering scent of an herb garden in my sinuses.

I see Angelica not as a standout flavor, but I can see it as one for having in my collection for when the mood strikes me for something mellow and relaxing. It’s a subtle fresh herb flavor.

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