Totally Wicked E-Liquid Red Label Amaretto concentrate

September 2011 Red Label Amaretto

Today will be my first review of Totally Wicked E-Liquid’s new Red Label flavor concentrates. The flavor being reviewed is Amaretto.

For this flavor I’m going to be using Mega Tornado with a freshly opened 2.4-2.6 ohm xl clearomizer.

It arrived in a brightly colored box sporting green purple and red stripes. I like the packaging, bright and cheerful. I removed the bottle and the first two things I noticed, besides the matching striped label, was that this flavoring was packaged with a childproof cap along with a raised triangle warning sticker. The label does cover the bottle pretty much from top to bottom so I predict having to tilt the bottle on its side to tell how much concentrate is left. The label stated approximately 5ml. Out of curiosity I checked with 2 3ml syringes, sure enough the first was full to the 3ml mark the second to the 2ml point.
Liquid was clear in color, clear in opacity, very thin in viscosity, and upon opening I’m greeted with the fantastic, sweet almond, aroma. I read somewhere once that scent can invoke memories, immediately I’m taken back to sunny, summer days at Flint Park, Larchmont, NY. I can remember racing the other kids to the ice cream truck for one of my favorites, the Good Humor Toasted Almond ice cream bar. I am aware that scent and taste are two entirely different senses; however, that is what immediately came to mind.

The First Mix:
I mixed up my first batch at 10% flavor, 12mg in nicotine strength. Because of the initial impression created by the scent, I decided to go with a 40& PG 60% VG mix as opposed to my usual 60% PG 40% VG ratio. I wanted a much denser, thicker vape to go along with the flavor I was anticipating.

The flavor was nothing like what I was expecting from the scent of the concentrate. If I had been expecting a re-creation of actual Amaretto di Saronno liqueur I would have been better prepared for the taste of the vapor. I picked up more of an alcohol taste than the sweet nutty taste I was anticipating. I should have anticipated they are going for the flavor of the liqueur. I do get a hint of a light sweet-almond flavor, but the taste of alcohol is overpowering. It left behind a slight lingering aftertaste similar to the Anbesol I used long ago for an impacted wisdom tooth.

The Second Mix:
I figured I better try cutting the flavor concentration in half and see how it goes, sometimes less is more. The flavor of the alcohol is reduced and is not so overpowering, the aftertaste is not as long lasting; however, the pleasant almond notes are just about undetectable.

Throat Hit:
I wouldn’t call it a throat hit there was a light sensation, similar to what would be felt when taking a drink of the libation of the same name, on the inhale. Upon exhaling, the feeling was more pronounced on the tongue and insides of my cheeks, and was felt in the sinuses for quite a few seconds after.

A level of ten percent flavoring did yield the best result for my taste buds. The flavor was too heavily weighted towards alcohol, and it’s not one I can see myself using often. To be fair I have tried other Amaretto flavors in the past and have not yet found one I was overly fond of.

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